Our Projects


virtualICE (virtual Integrated Call-center Enterprise) is a system built to meet the needs of the mobile service worker industry.

It includes:

  • Contractor (service worker) database
  • Customer database
  • Online credit card/transaction card processing
  • Sophisticated PABX integration
  • Call audio instantly recallable - at the touch of a button!
  • Individual accounts for each contractor
  • Full Financial Settlement and Cashier functionality

There are optional features which are not available in any other package:


Links mobile workers directly to the system, seamlessly and in real-time. Notify the contractor of a booking via a notification straight to their phone. Receive the contractors acceptance of the task immediately. Runs on iPhone, Android and Windows phones.


This program runs in the background on one or more computers in your network. It will detect problems - usually before any users notice there is an issue. viceMonitor sends text messages or emails to support personnel when it detects:

  • Database server problems
  • Network problems
  • PABX problems
  • Unusual phone activity (no incoming calls in a busy period, for instance)

Where there is an active support agreement viceMonitor will also inform Megaron.

For more information visit the virtualICE home page: www.virtualICE.com.au


viceLoyalty is a customer loyalty program with a difference - the Customer can remain completely anonymous!

The customer registers (and claims loyalty points) by "touching on" - a fingers-scan.

viceLoyalty is fully touch-screen driven and designed to be a very simple "1-2-3" operation.

For more information go here: www.virtualICE.com.au/Loyalty