About Us

Who We Are

The Megaron team is led by seasoned professionals, each one with more than ten years development experience.

We have experience in developing software for industries as diverse as manufacturing, public service, emergency and first responder, and client-service industries.

Our team is growing as we take on younger developers keen to demonstrate their cutting-edge skill sets.

The Team

  • Robert Blair
  • .Net (10 years)
  • SQL Server (15 years)
  • Lead Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Robert has more than 20 years software development and project management experience. He can design, build and deliver software projects large and small.
  • Simon Haynes
  • .Net (10 years)
  • SQL Server (3 years)
  • Senior Development Consultant
  • Simon has over 25 years experience designing and coding a wide range of software projects. He specializes in multi-user desktop applications, including accounting, order tracking and office management software.
  • Nick Orpen
  • .Net (10 years)
  • SQL Server (10 years)
  • Senior Development Consultant
  • Nick has more than 20 years software development experience. As well as his experience with virtualICE he has extensive financial and legal software expertise.
  • Ken O'Halloran
  • Delphi (20 years)
  • Computer Telephony Integration (TAPI etc) expert (20 years)
  • .Net (1 years)
  • Senior Telephony Integration Consultant
  • Ken has more than 20 years software development experience, most of it in Telephony Integration. Ken is one of the most experienced Telephony Integration developers around.
  • Bill Butler
  • Microsoft Access (20 years)
  • Visual Basic (10 years)
  • Senior Access Consultant
  • Bill has more than 20 years Microsoft Access, Visual Basic and VBA experience. Bill is highly experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of database development.

What We Do

Megaron is a small software development company in Melbourne Australia, which has recently been incorporated. In the last two years Megaron has been busy building sophisticated call-center apps using:

Megaron is now also building phone apps to integrate with virtualICE using Google App Engine, namely:

Megaron has built the industry leading call-center application: virtualICE using Dot Net, SQL Server and TAPI.

Megaron has also developed the unique customer loyalty program viceLoyalty.

Currently under development is a phone app written using Google App Engine. This app is a mobile service worker interface to the virtualICE call-center system: viceMobile.

How We Do It

Megaron software development is done off-site. Client requirements are gathered on-site by Megaron consultants, and then developed off-site by Megaron consultants.

A Megaron consultant will ensure the software is delivered and running to the client's satisfaction.

Megaron consultants are available to be engaged full-time, or part-time to assist with in-house development projects. Megaron consultants can also work remotely via Teamviewer or similar remote connection tools.

Why Choose Us