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Who We Are

Megaron is a software development company in Melbourne specializing in Dot Net and SQL Server development. We have extensive experience in building software for client-service industries, including call-center software.

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What We Do

Megaron develops software using Microsoft Dot Net, SQL Server, Google App Engine, Python and Microsoft Access.

Megaron specializes in off-site development to reduce cost for the client - but we start and complete your project face-to-face, in your office, here in Melbourne!

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Why Choose Us

Experience. Reliability. Value

Megaron developers have, on average, more than 15 years experience using Microsoft tools.

Megaron is right here in Melbourne. When the going gets tough - we get going to your office and sort it out!

Megarons off-site development rates are kept low to save money for our clients.

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Welcome to Megaron

Megaron is based in Melbourne. We only consult to clients in the Melbourne area.

Because we believe software development is very difficult to do remotely we prefer to discuss our client's needs face-to-face, here in Melbourne.

As a Megaron clients you will be able to discuss your requirements with a Megaron consultant in your office. The initial consultation for a new client is free.

The complete cost of Megaron software development is much lower than equivalent software companies in Melbourne.

As each stage of development is complete a Megaron consultant will ensure the software delivered and running to your satisfaction.

Megaron technical support is available for all clients with support plans. When necessary a consultant will visit your office in Melbourne to resolve any issues.